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Denmark : Denmark, which is the smallest and most southern of the Scandanavian countries, is an interesting combination of lively cities and rural countryside.  Historical forts and churches, modern architecture, jazz festivals--Denmark has it all.  This country of 5.3 million people is a constitutional monarchy, with a reigning Queen.  Danish, English and German are the main languages spoken.  Like other Scandinavian countries, Denmark's society is socially progressive and tolerant. Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark and the capital of Jutland, the mainland. It has a hublotchannel well-preserved historic center, good museums, lovely old churches and is known for its rich downtown cafe life; picturesque winding streets and a river running through the center of town are popular afternoon and evening hangouts.

Aarhus is known as a 'students' town' and also as the music capital of Denmark.  Jazz festivals, opera and classical productions, as well as the annual Aarhus Festival, bring thousands of music fans into the city every year.

The country࣡pital, Copenhagen is a compact, walkable harbor city full of cozy cafes, tempting pastry shops and trendy boutiques, and a favorite destination among European tourists. Seamlessly blending past and present, Copenhagen showcases both the medieval remnants of the oldest kingdom in Europe and the latest in the sophisticated, world famous Danish design, from architecture to fashion.

Education System
The educational level of the population is high with 77 per cent of a year group completing a vocationally qualifying education. Tuition is free, and there are nine years of compulsory education. Public expenditure on education and training corresponds to 7 per cent of the country's GDP and around 13 per cent of total public expenditure.

Adult learning plays a considerable role in the educational system, and many Danes participate in some kind of formal or informal learning. Denmark is also known for its many local associations and organisations at grassroot level. Foreign students may be admitted to Danish higher education either as guest students, international students or as regular students along with the Danish applicants.

Higher education comprises the university sector, which offers research based undergraduate and graduate programmes,

as well as a parallel sector for professional bachelor and diploma programmes and more business oriented programmes. Most higher education institutions offer courses in English, and at graduate level several English programmes such as MBA and MPA programmes are available.

Furthermore a variety of long and short programmes related to specific subjects (e.g. the police academy) as well as a number of programmes offered by the private sector (like e.g. banking) are available. For these programmes a good knowledge of Danish is required.


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