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  New Zealand

  New Zealand

New Zealand : New Zealand, a beautiful and unique country in the South Pacific, where exciting things are happening in Education. Thousands of international students are choosing to study here, to explore new ideas in pioneering programmers that will put them at the front in the world job markets of the future. They thrive in inspiring surroundings, alongside New Zealanders, absorbing the attitude and culture that has bred such individual achievers as Katherine Mansfield, Sir Edmund Hillary, Sir William Pickering and Peter Jackson. You may choose to study in a modern city with the shopping, multicultural restaurants, night clubs, live theatre, art galleries, museums, sports stadiums and all the hustle and bustle. Or perhaps you prefer the slower pace of the rural areas, where you'll find supportive

communities, access to the farmlands and orchards. Many of the key tourist attractions are found in these rural areas, so the pace need not be slow. You may choose to shoot the rapids, jet boat through narrow gorges, bungy jump from bridges high above gushing waters, explore the forests, gaze at bubbling mud pools or wonder at the geysers. Then there's the paragliding, windsurfing, mountain biking, horseriding, fishing, kayaking, four-wheel driving and so much more.

New Zealand is also famous for a unique tourism experience that can only be described as 100% Pure New Zealand.

Education System
In New Zealand, students are taught in an English-speaking environment. You will share classes with New Zealanders and be encouraged to participate in discussion and all aspects of learning. Students can study English from beginner to advanced level, and then go on to study at a tertiary institution. Our British-based, flexible education system means that you can move around New Zealand while you do this, because secondary schools and tertiary institutions work on a national system. Your qualifications will be recognized in other

English-speaking countries, so that you could study for an undergraduate degree in Australia or Canada, for example, and return to New Zealand for post-graduate study.

New Zealand has eight national universities offering degree programmers at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in academic and professional studies. All universities offer a broad range of subjects for degrees in commerce, science and the arts. Each university has also developed its own specialist subjects, such as technology, engineering, computer studies, medicine, agriculture and environmental studies.

Colleges of Educationn
Specialized training for teachers is available at Colleges of Education, which provide studies in early childhood, primary and secondary education. Additional university studies may be undertaken as part of the courses. All colleges offer advanced courses for trained teachers.


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