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Poland : If your path leads you to consider a course of study in Poland there's a few things you'll want to think about before passing on the Eastern European countryé³´ory first among them. Like Hungary, Poland is a nation still in the process of recovery and reinvention following the devastating effects of the Second World War and of the collapse of Eastern-Bloc. Recent history in and of itself should make you realize that Poland is a destination no serious student of the world should overlook, but there's more. Today, Poland finds itself at a crossroads. Located geographically and culturally somewhere in between Eastern and Western Europe, Poland entered the Twenty-First Century holding firm to the ideals of its agricultural

past while being drawn into the ranks of European capitalism.

Famous for its beauty and charm, Krakow, Poland (population 770,000), the former capital, is situated in southern part of the country. While Warsaw is the present-day capital of Poland, Krakow remains its cultural capital. Unlike most Polish cities, Krakow survived World War Two virtually unscathed. Its history and traditions preserved, Krakow is clearly one of the best places to visit and to study in Poland.

Education System
Both state and private institutions of higher education exist in Poland. The latter began to appear after 1990. A private school of higher education must receive permission to operate from the Ministry of National Education and Sport. It acquires a legal status then registered by the Minister of National Education and Sport.

In 1998 the first state and private vocational schools of higher education began to appear. These schools train students in vocational/professional specializations and prepare them for specific professions by including 15-week internships and school practice in the mandatory curriculum. Study programs can take the form of daily, evening or extramural studies and distant learning courses. Daily studies is the prevalent form. To qualify for admission to an institution of higher education, the applicant must hold the secondary school certificate. The rules  of admission to the first year of study are determined

autonomously by each institution. Some organize competitive entrance examinations, others use ranking procedures based on the final grades listed in the secondary school certificate, still others admit all who apply.


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