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Singapore : Singapore has plenty to offer students seeking a high-quality education in an English-speaking country.

Education has always been a top priority and key to the nation৲owth and development. Singapore෩de range of educational opportunities offers the best of global learning: among public institutions there are over 150 secondary schools, 18 junior colleges, 5 polytechnics, 10 institutes of technical education and 3 universities. In addition there are over 30 foreign primary

and secondary schools and countless private education organizations that offer a range of degree courses in a multitude of topics, as well as 2 privately funde universities and many foreign universities with campuses in Singapore.  No matter what your academic goals are, Singapore can meet them with top quality options at an affordable cost. The government of Singapore strongly believes in making education an affordable option for all, and to that end offers generous grants and financial assistance to international students.

In addition, Singapore offers an exciting setting for your educational needs. Its position as a major Asian financial and business hub makes networking opportunities easy to find. And it provides a dynamic mixture of international and Asian cultures. In Singapore can enjoy the comfort of familiar customs and society in a country close to home while expanding your horizons into the international arena.

Education System
Singapore, a compact city state is a dynamic Knowledge based economy due to total lack of any natural resources. Due to this, it has always focused on a strong education system. Top Govt. officials are invariably highly qualified scholars, who are spotted on early in schools as gifted students and groomed via scholarships at local and global Ivy Leagues. This is a self perpetuating cycle that yields rich results for the society. In recent years, Singapore Govt. has embarked on a well thought out vision of making it a world class education hub of the future. As a result education standards

are assured as a norm, although limited exceptions to this do exist. The quality is monitored via a voluntary opt-in CASE Trust certification. Due to this world class Education hub vision, 11 of the worldà´¯p universities have a presence in Singapore. e.g. Top b-schools like INSEAD, IIM, Chicago, Medical schools like John Hopkins.


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