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USA : American society is well known for its diversity. Americans come from a wealth of different racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds. In addition, there are differences among the characteristics and customs of people from the North, South, East, West and Midwest, as well differences between those from big cities and rural areas. barbecues and informal get-togethers.

Education System
US higher education starts with

undergraduate courses ?a variety of certificates and diplomas, a two year degree, known as an associate degree, and a four year degree known as a bachelor degree. It is possible (and often happens) that a student may study for an associate degree, and then study two more years to gain a bachelor (or baccalaureate) degree ?usually a bachelor degree will be awarded by a university, whereas an associate degree may be situated either in a community college, or a university.

Undergraduate education (and some masters degrees) are based on an accumulation of courses (units of study) which are assigned a number of credits. A student is awarded credits for the courses they take, and the degree is complete when the student has a certain level of credits. This means that although most bachelor degrees take four years, it is possible to take a degree over a longer period, maybe part time or with some time away from study.

Graduate (known in some countries as post graduate) degrees include masters degrees, taking two years at a University. These are often termed advanced professional degrees, as they tend to be aimed at specific professions and are career-advancing degrees in subjects such as medicine, law and management e.g. Master in Business Administration (MBA). Doctorates (PhDs) are usually four years, and are research based. The US education system has the reputation of being the world leader in graduate education, , and conversely, of being the most accessible

and least selective for undergraduate education and certain graduate programs such as teacher education and business and management education, giving chances of higher education to people who would not be able to have this chance in other countries.

Universities offer a wide range of choice in programs as well as subjects. Large Universities like, Harvard and Princeton, are composed of several colleges. Depending upon his interest, a student can choose the college. Each college has the flexibility to set its own standard for admission.


Another important aspect to note in case of these institutes is that they can be both private as well as public. Though most of the institutions receive financial support from the replica watches sale federal and state governments, public institutes rely heavily on public funds. On the other hand the private institutions though compete for state funds, depend more on tuition fees and contributions from foundations and private citizens. Some of the better-known private universities are Harvard, Princeton, Yale and Stanford. University of Michigan, State University of New York System (SUNY), University of Illinois, University of Washington are some of the public universities.


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